Saturday, September 16, 2023

Broadway Shows, Ballet and NYC Activities

It wasn't all stuff with the kids while in NY.  I also got to go see Hamilton with my friend Lisa, took my mom to dinner at Bar Boulud and went to see the ballet at the Met, and Book of Mormon with my sister.  It was so much love and pent up emotions ready to burst, I missed Broadway and the lights and hubbub and people and characters and dining scene and, just, everything, of the city so much. 

I also got to have a lovely lunch with my college friends, whom I realize with a shock I have now known for longer than half my life!  I only wish I had more time to catch up with more people on this trip. It's always so hectic. 
My time in NY definitely wasn't all fun, as we desperately needed to check in on and help turn over the duplex in our Brooklyn brownstone.  I hadn't visited the property in nearly seven years, or for as long as we had purchased it.  But thankfully we were able to get new tenants in nearly right away and it is still a beautiful and amazing house and investment. I am just grateful I was able to be there in person during this big turnover to supervise the painting, cleaning, landscaping, floor polishing, and all the bits and bobs that needed attending to.

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